Asian Poker Tour Rules

With a small, pre-determined investment you can experience the ultimate thrill of stacking up chips and running deep into a tournament which could potentially lead to a life-changing payday along with the title of sole survivor when you participate in the Asian Poker Tour.

However, with a world-renowned poker tournament such as the APT, there are several important Asian Poker Tour rules that you need to adhere to. It's for this reason that we provide all Asian Poker Tour Rules to ensure you have an enjoyable and hassle-free experience, allowing you to purely focus on what matters most, winning!

Asian Poker Tour Rules

All players that wish to participate in any APT event or tournament will be subject to the rules applied by the APT as well as the rules stipulated in the Player Registration/Release Form. Proof of age and identification may be requested upon registration, so please ensure you have a valid ID document when you submit your Player Registration/Release Form.

The APT will implement the Poker Tournament Directors Association's Rules during all events and tournaments as well as the Asian Poker Tour rules listed below:

Non-Smoking Rule

  • Smoking is not allowed by any player in the tournament area. Should this rule be violated, you will be charged with one round penalty if you are caught smoking at the table.

Late Registrants

  • Players that arrive late after the satellite/tournament started will receive a full stack of chips and will be allocated to an open seat to be dealt in immediately if at all possible

Close of Registration

  • Registration for the Main Event will close with the onset of round 10.
  • All Satellites will close once the first break has ended.
  • For all other events, registration will close at the beginning of round 7.

Determining the Button

  • A high card will determine the button at the start of all redraws and tournaments.

Forward Motion Rule

  • Chips that are moved in a forward motion by players (across the hole cards) can be forced to place all chips that are in hand into the overall pot.


  • Satellites/tournaments that pay less than a full table will have a redraw on the final table.
  • Satellites/tournaments that only pay one full table will have a redraw on two tables as well as the final table.
  • Satellites/tournaments that pay above a full table will have a redraw on three tables, two tables and on the final table.

Hand for Hand Play

  • Visiting other tables is prohibited by any player during hand to hand play and should remain at their own table.
  • Players can be charged with a penalty if a warning has already been issued.
  • A player's hand should not be revealed during an 'All-in and Call' or during a player's All-in once the action is done on the river card until the request is given by the Tournament Director.

Re-Entry Policy

  • Players will be disqualified for attempting to re-enter a non-re-entry poker tournament. Their chips will be apprehended and refunds will not be entertained.
  • Players are only allowed to re-enter multiple times for same day re-entry satellites/tournaments once they have exhausted all their chips or have been eliminated before the registration period ends.
  • Re-Entry Policy for Main Event:
  • Re-Entry for Same Day tournaments/satellites are allowed up until the start of Round 10.
  • Players that managed to qualify for Day 2 by participating in Day 1 can re-enter through a new Starting Day.
  • Players can forfeit a stack before registration closes to re-enter the Main Event.
  • Players that managed to qualify for Day 2 with multiple stacks will only be allowed to play their biggest stack. The other stacks will be eliminated from play.

Seat/s Won Through Hosted APT Satellites

  • Winning a seat through a hosted APT satellites and tournaments is non-transferable and players must play on the specified date, should they be allocated.
  • Should a player win more than one seat for the starting days allowed or manages to qualify on the first starting day, a cash prize will be awarded for the seat/s remaining.

Deal Facilitation and Deal Making

  • Deal making in all APT tournaments are allowed, unless it's stated otherwise or announced during a specific poker tournament.

The following Asian Poker Tour rules will apply for deal-making:

  • The Asian Poker Tour will not engage in a deal-making process and will only aid with deals made between players in accordance to the specified conditions under this rule.
  • If assistance is requested, the Asian Poker Tour will provide mathematical calculations for the deal by using the percentage of chips each player has with the use of the Individual Chip Modular system. Should a deal be completed with the Individual Chip Modular system, and a player receives more than the original prize posted for first place, the difference will be divided between the remaining players forming part of the deal.
  • The Asian Poker Tour will only accommodate one deal and after an agreement is reached for the deal, no further deals will be allowed.
  • Payouts will be issued in accordance to the deal made.
  • Deals locking all prize money for the involved players will stop the tournament and the player with the highest chip count will be considered the champion of the tournament. The champion will receive the champion's trophy as well as any additional perks for winning the tournament.
  • To continue play for the champion's trophy, a minimum of 5% of the prize money awarded for first place must be withheld from the deal and played. The hold-out of 5% is allocated to the eventual champion, ensuring the integrity is maintained for the tournament's finish.
  • The Asian Poker Tour will only accommodate a deal after play has reached the final table.
  • Players are only allowed to discuss a deal during a break or after the completion of a hand.
  • Discussions for a deal can only be made in the presence of a designated representative of the APT or in the presence of the Tournament Director of the APT.
  • All players at the final table need to stipulate their willingness to participate in the negotiation of a deal before the tournament clock can be paused by the Tournament Director. Should the tournament clock be paused for deal negotiations, players are not allowed to leave the final table to negotiate the deal.
  • Players that pressure or badger a player that disapproves in the negotiation of a deal will be penalized.
  • Should a player refuse to participate in a deal, there will be no discussions of another deal until the player is either eliminated or a major reshuffling in chips takes place from one player to another.
  • No deal is allowed to be made under the following conditions:
  • Awarding a player with more prize money than the original amount posted for first place.
  • Owning to the 5% hold-out rule, a player is not allowed to receive the originally posted prize money for first place during the negotiation of a deal.
  • All players forming part of the deal and agree to the Asian Poker Tour rules, are required to sign a waiver that acknowledges the deal as well as the payment of the prize money according to the agreed shares.